Superintendent's Message


More than a hashtag, #BeKind represents an important part of who we are in the Collingswood Public Schools. In a world where schools are increasingly driven by test scores, data, and analytics, it is important to remember that students have a social/emotional side that complements their academic achievements. In Collingswood, we believe that developing the WHOLE child is critical to the success of our students and the community. After all, when a new family moves in a few houses down the street, do you hope they are good people with quality values or do you wonder about how they scored on the SATs? Character, values, and kindness matter.

Subscribing to the “growth mindset” philosophy, we think it is important to teach our students that effort matters and challenges should be met not with the response, “I can’t do this,” but instead “I can’t do this…yet.” Focusing on traits such as persistence and perseverance, we stress to our students that failure is simply a step along the way to success. Our students and staff take pride in their academic achievements, which are plentiful, and are learning to recognize their longstanding record of giving back to their school and community is equally important. We believe the growth mindset, and a little kindness, will help our students develop the skills needed to be successful both in school and throughout life.