Board of Education Equity Committee

Equity Committee Purpose:

To enhance and improve the district's efforts to ensure academic success for all students and provide equitable and inclusive working and learning environments for all students, families, staff and communities.

Connection to Strategic Plan Goals:

Academic Excellence:

  • Students will interact with challenging content across all disciplines in a manner that extends their ability to think independently.

  • Staff will maintain high academic standards while differentiating instruction to meet the individual needs of each student.

Creativity and Problem Solving:

  • Students will solve complex problems over time, that require interdisciplinary thinking and risk-taking.

  • Students will use a variety of resources, including community partners, to enhance learning and develop the skills necessary to lead successful lives and careers.

  • Staff will evaluate what students know and are able to do using multiple and diverse measures.

Social Emotional Growth:

  • Students will develop the confidence and independence necessary to make and act upon appropriate ethical decisions.

  • Students will recognize the benefits of participation in a diverse culture.

  • Students will seek opportunities to serve others in their communities or in the world at large.

  • Staff will encourage educated risk-taking, constructive debate, and productive conflict resolution.

  • Staff will foster respect for diversity by delivering culturally relevant and responsive instruction.

  • Staff will craft opportunities for the students, staff, and community members to interact positively and create connections to solve problems.

Organizational effectiveness:

  • Communicate with students, families, staff, and community in a timely manner using the most cost effective and resource efficient methods available.

  • Hire for excellence while maximizing our exposure to candidates of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Build the capacity of all staff members through high-quality, sustained professional development from within the organization.

  • Draw on community interest and support to enhance school activities and projects.


  • To advise, provide input and help prioritize the district-wide equity efforts.