Joint Statement from 

Borough of Collingswood

Collingswood Police Department

Collingswood Public School District

On Wednesday, April 17th, we convened a meeting among leadership for our respective entities to address community concerns related to recent allegations of racial bias at the high school. While we cannot comment on a specific and active law enforcement investigation, we all share a deep concern for our community, specifically residents and students of color.   

As a group, we acknowledge the hurt, pain, and fear associated with these allegations and recognize the impact on many Collingswood residents - adults and children alike. 

We share a clear and strong commitment to focus on healing our community while simultaneously continuing to build on the work we’ve done to create a more inclusive and understanding community.

This process requires honesty, openness, empathy, and courage and we need the help of the community. Collingswood is not immune to the harmful effects of racism. We encourage parents and community members to talk to their children, friends, and neighbors about racism and bias in any form and the profound effects it has on all of us.   

In the upcoming weeks, we will provide resources and focus on deeper community engagement. Initially, we are organizing workshops for the public led by skilled professionals to actively address and prevent all forms of discrimination. These workshops are offered by the NJ Division of Civil Rights and offer a deep dive into anti-bias topics, proactively addressing discrimination and bias-based harassment by examining real-world situations. Each training provides participants with practical strategies for preventing bias, harassment, and discrimination. Collingswood will host a series of these workshops, beginning with group sessions on May 21st at the Collingswood Senior Community Center and on June 4 at the Perkins Center for the Arts.

Additionally, on May 16th from 7-9 pm, the Collingswood School District and Collingswood DEI Committee will host an “Amplifying Black Voices” panel discussion at the Collingswood Senior Community Center, providing an opportunity to hear directly from Collingswood residents of color.

Moreover, we are collaborating to establish a website that will include resources, upcoming events, and updates on the work to cultivate inclusivity and combat structural racism. The site is expected to be completed at the beginning of May.

While we work to put together more information, we immediately want to share New Jersey’s Bias Crime Hotline. This is a tip line for individuals who are the target of bias crimes. You can call toll-free at 1-800-277-BIAS (2427). Individuals may also Report Online. Collingswood students may report Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying (HIB) incidents and find resources for reporting online here.  

It will be a long road and we do not have all the answers. Let us remain steadfast in the belief that through collective effort and shared responsibility, we can dismantle systemic barriers, foster understanding, and cultivate a culture of equity and belonging for all.


Jim Maley, Mayor 

Rob Lewandowski, Commissioner 

Morgan Robinson, Commissioner  

Kevin Carey, Chief of Police 

Dr. Fred McDowell, Superintendent

Regan Kaiden, Board of Education President 

Dr. Kate Seltzer, Board of Education Vice President

Bruce Smith, Collingswood DEI Committee Chair

Additionally, you can find anti-racism resources from the Collingswood Public Library here :
Anti-Racism Resources - Collingswood Public Library (