Greetings Collingswood friends, family, and neighbors.

Over the last two school years, the Collingswood School District has had to be creative. Making sure EVERY student is connected and included has been challenging, yet rewarding in so many ways. We have had many victories and we are always looking for ways to enrich EVERY student’s life.

Despite the pandemic altering so many things, at the high school we have been able to hold many of the events that our students have become accustomed to. Over the last two years, our seniors were able to graduate together and EVERY senior received a yearbook, thanks to the fundraising support of Patrick Rodio, the CEA, the PTA, and many others. This year, we are asking our Collingswood community to get involved in an initiative to help families who cannot afford to purchase a yearbook for their graduating senior.  

As many of you know, one of the reason’s Collingswood Public Schools are so highly rated is because of our diversity. Our mayor has said we are a community of “mansions and rowhomes”. We have students who visit Europe every summer and students who have never left the state. We come from all backgrounds to make up a thriving community. But the real wealth in our community is measured by its willingness to invest in each other. 

The experience of seeing EVERY one of our seniors receive a yearbook was truly moving, and our seniors were so appreciative to receive this meaningful memento of their time at Collingswood High School. We would like to accomplish this important and lofty goal once again for this year’s graduating class, but to do that we must broaden our fundraising outreach. That’s where we are hoping the support of our tight-knit community comes in. 

A Yearbook for EVERY Senior Campaign.

We would like to have EVERY one of our 167 seniors receive a package of mementos of the 2022 school year. This package’s at-cost price is $100. 

Senior Gift Package - $100
1 Senior yearbook
1 Senior T Shirt
1 Senior Gift 

We are asking that every senior family that can cover the cost of the Senior Gift Package for their own senior, do so. Last year, more than half of our senior parents bought yearbooks for their own children. After those packages are purchased, we would like to ask our community to “sponsor a senior”, to purchase Senior Gift Packages for every other senior whose family cannot afford to cover that cost. If staff, friends, and families chip in, we believe we can get a yearbook into the hands of every senior in this year’s class. With your generous support, we know we can do it!

The campaign will run from October 1st to October 31st. If you would like to show your support and love for this year’s graduating class, please click on this link and join the campaign to sponsor a senior today! You can pay by credit card and use it as a tax deduction!