Proud Nominations

*Over the past few months we have been honoring our students for various reasons; attendance, could be their kindness, their effort, or accomplishing a personal goal.  These students are honored monthly with a lawn or window sign displayed, a certificate from the nominating staff member, featured on both the district Twitter, as well as announced to the school by Principal Newman.  We then end the monthly celebration with a luncheon. Here are some of our ‘PROUD” winners:

Students who are chosen will receive the lawn sign placed in their yard or window, a Twitter spotlight, and recognition within the school. Nominations can be for anything, academics, kindness, leadership, the possibilities are endless.



Isabella Ingram 1st    Cooper Bonfield 5th   Ashton Wronowski PK     Juno Taglang PK

Ryan Looney PK        Jareth Maya 3rd       Elyse Kueny 4th      Kingston Childs Kindergarten


Karter Coleman K         Nolan Vernau 1st      Sylvia Grace PK

Josie Puchon 1st          Jax Pomolio 5th       Jordy Oropeza 3rd      Rory Patterson PK